What’s the best Iron Maiden album of all time. Cast your vote.

This is a question that has dominated many an argument down the pub “What’s the best Iron Maiden album”, but we are now going to settle this once and for all. Let’s get one thing straight from the start this is only the studio albums, we have left out the live albums and there’s 13 of those. With 16 studio albums to choose from this is still not going to be easy. Get voting.

First maybe you should ask yourself who is the best Iron Maiden signer Bruce Dickinson, Paul Di’Anno or Blaze Bayley? Tell us why you think it’s the best album in the comments below.

What's the best Iron Maiden Album?

What’s the best Iron Maiden album

Iron Maiden History

Just in case we have anyone reading this that doesn’t know, Iron Maiden were formed by Steve Harris on Christmas day in 1975 and came from a small town called London. Harris got the idea for the band name from the novel The Man in the Iron Mask. For the most part they cut their teeth at the local pub, The Cart and Horses in Stratford. There have been many members of Iron Maiden but perhaps the most important has to be Eddie, a vital part of the bands artwork and very important element of the live shows. The first stage version was a papier-mâché head, this became know as the head or in London slag The Edd, thus Eddie was born.

In 1980 they released their self titled debut album that reached number 4 in the UK Charts. The track Iron Maiden was one of the first songs played on MTV back when it was a music station. The rest as they say is history.

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What’s the best Iron Maiden album of all time @ Rock News.

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