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An Interview with The Metal Byrds. From London to Texas.

Howdy y’all! I’ve missed you. No seriously, I really have. Haha sorry for my absence lately but this time I’m back again with another band that reached out to us. I absolutely love talking about lesser known bands that are trying to get a foothold on the scene, after all…that is how everything I do started. It’s always the hardest part for these bands too. Today I’m sprinkling a bit of Rock ‘N’ Roll “Texas Tea” in your atmosphere with my interview with The Metal Byrds. Obviously, they are a Texas based hard/classic rock style band with some UK roots. The Metal Byrds are Suzanne Birdie (Lead Vocals), Sly Rye (Lead Guitar), Kevin Kurts (Bass), & Alex Romano (Drums).

The Metal Byrds have a sound profile that boasts a foundation in a Queen/Kiss feel with a bit of modern Punk/Pop Rock spice thrown in. It’s a sound that is trying to make itself known & burst through on to the scene. Unfortunately the Byrds hit a roadblock with trying to get the ball rolling just before the pandemic hit. They reached out to us here at Rock News & I love, just love, talking to & giving love to bands that are trying to make their presence known.

There’s not too much information out there on the Byrds so we basically just had a bit of a pub style chat without the pints! Maybe we will actually get to make good on grabbing a pint or too one of these days lol. In our chat, I came to find that the lead vocalist, Suzanne Birdie, is actually a Brit and was born in the UK! She even dropped in with a Union Jack background! She relocated to Texas and has since lost her accent, but we got to reminisce about how much we both miss and love it across the pond.

Sly Rye and Suzanne were tons of fun to chat with and I found that they each have a strong foundation of classic rock instilled to their core being. Relatable. The band got the inspiration for their namesake from a term of endearment for airplanes being metal birds…coupled with the ability to play off of Suzanne’s last name, The Metal Byrds were born! Suzanne even enjoys tromping around on stage in some serious Kiss plats and endearingly let on as to why in the interview. You should really go check it out, (and share it a ton) as we all had a blast shooting the breeze about our love for & journeys through Rock. Hungry for more Byrds? Well The Metal Byrds aren’t on Insta yet, but you can check them out on Facebook, Twitter, & Spotify as well! If you have a moment, plz show The Metal Byrds some love!

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An Interview The Metal Byrds. @ Rock News.

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