The Real Reel A Live Interview with Patrick Stone of Budderside

Hello Loves! Roctavia here back again with another rousing world of Rock interview. It’s been a while. Sorry I’ve been a bit M.I.A. lately my Sweeties. Today I get down & dirty with Patrick Stone of Budderside. In this interview we cover subjects such as Motörhead & the late, great Lemmy Kilmister, as well as his infamous penchant for collecting Nazi memorabilia, Slash & Velvet Revolver, sex, drugs, & the straightedge/sober lifestyle, strip club recording studios, veganism & so much more! Get excited because…it’s a good one Ladies & Gents.

As I sat down to chat with Patrick (and battled with the stubbornness of my Zoom technology…apologies in advance lol), even though we’d never actually met in real life, it honestly felt like I was just catching up with an old friend. Of course straightaway the topic quickly turned to Lemmy & Motörhead (if you know me…you’re genuinely not very surprised right now). Patrick’s link to Lemmy is still carried on to this day as his band Budderside was one of the very first bands to be signed by Lemmy’s Motörhead Music label.

We chatted about how even though Lemmy clearly was one of the greats of Rock ‘N’ Roll, he had a knack for collecting materials that made many (including myself) raise an eyebrow. Lemmy was an avid collector of Nazi memorabilia, but he had also mentioned in the past that this hobby was solely for the look of the stuff. He was known to avidly denounced racism, what Nazism stood for, and was a lover as well as a friend of those from many different backgrounds and walks of life.

It was at this exact point that I knew I was in for a pretty interesting ride through my chat with Patrick.  Everything was on the table & the real/raw conversations were on the docket tonight! At another point in the conversation, we touched on Patrick’s interaction with Velvet Revolver & Slash himself! We also got down to real-life stuff in the struggles of moving to L.A., matters of drug abuse, mental health, addiction, love, family & ultimately Patrick’s choice to become sober. Patrick and I then segued into the importance of lifestyle changes like veganism, & caring about/giving to causes that support common welfare as well as minority groups.

It is always such a blast to chat with fellow musicians, and I could see Patrick’s passion for what he does radiating through my (incorrigible) webcam. We also got a chance to touch base on musical influences and the mind blowing musicality of everyone in Budderside (which drops a new music video for their single “Amber Alert”, today (March 19th), which you can see below . Honestly, I’ll stop droning on here & you should really go see for yourself! Check out my interview with Patrick Stone & everything else Budderside in the links below!
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Love & Rockets ~ Roctavia
The Real Reel A Live Interview with Patrick Stone of Budderside by Roctavia @ Rock News.

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